Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Design Explorations Dec Memories

Our December theme for Design Explorations is 'Memories'.

After a workshop with my friends ... I thought about making 'memories' with these six wonderful and creative friends. We meet and share a technique ... something good to play with. We show our current projects and have a great day!
This workshop was led by Sue Jensen:
Step #1: Cover a square of cotton with colour with - Inktense Blocks. Use a little water on a brush to dampen the colours and a small sponge to move/blend the colours. Press dry to set the dye.
Step #2: Iron a lightweight interfacing to the back of your square. Use a couching or zig-zag foot. Couch decorative cords in a pattern. Use the width of the presser foot as a guide for stitching. Leave space for the next two rows of stitching.
Step #3: Use a zig-zag foot and try some of those designs on your machine that you never play with. I just used the little daisy stitch.
Step #4: Add contrasting lines of thread using the triple stretch stitch.
Step #5: Layer your artwork with batting and backing under and sheer organdy over.  You might want to spread a little angelina between the top layers. Stitch with a metallic thread in free areas to hold all layers together. Finish the edge with a small zig zag.


Sundays Child said...

WOW Vivian, that is gorgeous! Love love love the colours. Your instructions SOUND easy .. lol .. somehow I think it's harder than it looks to create?

Thanks for sharing your creation with us.

Julie Andrea

Vivian said...

You can do an easy one just by working in vertical columns. The basic directions are there ... 'just do your own thing'. Have fun!