Friday, 30 November 2012

Alberta and back via the Fraser Canyon Hwy

We had a quick trip to Canmore and Edmonton, Alberta at the end of October. We continually moved from fall to winter to fall and back again as the fickle weather played out.
Snow dusted the coastal mountains.
The interior hills were golden.

Construction gave us the opportunity to enjoy the reflections!
Hwy #1 - The Rocky Mountains were dusted with new snow.

Out of the mountains and onto the prairie.
Canmore was clear, but snowed the next morning.
Heading home, we came across a herd of elk near Jasper. 

The males were off by themselves.

The temperature was bitterly cold ... but didn't phase the mountain sheep ... Hwy 16, Jasper Park.

They come down to the highway and river - these cliffs have minerals they need.

Ice was forming on the lake.
We stayed overnight in Kamloops and decided to avoid the Coquihalla  Hwy and its slushy conditions..
The Fraser Canyon follows the Thompson River and  is not as high in altitude, therefore it was clear of snow. 
The velvet hills line the lake and river in this area that is almost a desert.

Ranching is still operating in the valleys. 

Neer Lytton the Thompson River joins the Fraser River.
The tourist industry has suffered ... perhaps golfing is more popular? Family trips to exotic locations?
A stream cuts through the rock and pours into the canyon.
The Fraser now flows through narrow canyons. Tourists ride the river in pontoon boats.
The day was misty.

In past years, this road was full of twists and turns. In recent years, both the railroad and  highway were straightened to some extent - making them safer. Note the snow sheds.

Boston Bar gained infamy during the gold rush in the 1850's.
The Highway goes through several tunnels.

Soon, we were out of the canyon and into the Fraser Valley with cranberry fields.

Back to green fields and golden trees!
Home again! The last trip of the year ... time to get ready for Christmas!

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