Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tacoma: from rail station to court house

Tacoma has some interesting historic buildings in the town area, a short walk from the conference center.
A welcome figure looks out to the harbor.
This was the train station that had 48 trains a day in 1911. It was closed in 1984 and turned into a  court house
The side building has been turned into a historic museum.
When you walk into the courthouse, the sun streams through the window that overlooks the train tracks and reflects off the marble floor.
Chihuli's Art decorates the huge central area

The center has a hanging art piece that must be 30 feet in height.
on one side of the balcony area is a collage of Chihuli abstract art.
on the other wall is a huge circle interwoven with glass tubes and globes.
A copy of the liberty bell is in the garden area outside.
When you walk out of the Courthouse/Train Station you see the walkway to the Glass Museum. The cone shaped building resembles the old kilns used in glass blowing and houses the Galleries and Hot shop.

When you walk backup to the street, you see the bridge that crosses to reflective pools and the musem ... a must see ... the bridge has a ceiling filled with Chihuli glass ... see it be day and night.

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