Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Penticton & the Jazz Festival

We headed up to Pentiction for the Jazz Festival.

And ... as always ... we enjoyed our visit and did some exploring.
It is about a 5 hour drive through Coast Mountains and green valleys.
Bromley Rock was calm ... with a great reflection.
I always chuckle when I pass 'West Hedley Mall' and the greatest little junk shop in the valley.
From Princeton to Keremeos, the Similkimeen River laces through the valley. The covered bridge in the distance  dates back and has been rebuilt.
The hills are old and eroded. Trees grow in amazing cracks and crevices.
I love the fresh  veggies and fruit ... good to eat, photograph and print on fabric!

The Okanagan Valley was orchards ... now it is mostly vinyards. ...  with hundreds of  Wineries!
There is beauty in nature ... living and not living  .... will both feed new seedlings in the future.
A few ranches ...
A little wildlife ...
And the hikers!
The view - MacIntyer Bluff
Wild babies breath.
When the hike is over .... Tickleberry's in O K Falls is THE place for ice cream.
They have some interesting signs.
The dry climate allows wood to stay around and find a re-purpose ...  the See Ya Later Winery  is worth a tour.
The original stone farmhouse ... dog friendly.

Log Barn ... still standing and still in use!
Another day, another path!
Looking at small things: Lichen.
Weed seed.
Look closely ... there is a grass-hopper  on the leaves.
Oakley has grown up ... to be a strong willed adolescent!
But ... he still loves his toys!

Who could refuse that little face!
Good for a visit to pick up fresh fruit and veggies .. grown and handled with care. (near OK Falls)
The Saturday Farmer's Market ... complete with entertainment.

And back at the Jazz festival ...
these were the bands:

The Terrier Brothers
Gator Beat
Draga's Dragons
Lance Buller
Dixieland Express Jazz Band
Original Wildcat Jass Band
Offramp Jazz Sextet
Dixie Talks
Black Swan Classic Jazz Band with Marilyn Keller (excellent voice!)
Aged To Perfection

There were no photos allowed at the concerts ... but the last piece at the wind up concert seemed to have different rules!
Would your believe a Swedish Jazz Band Playing with the headliners: Bob Draga and Lance Buller ... both play powerful music!

This lady was part of the jazz parade ... showing the spirit! The 'hard core' jazz attendees dress up and snake around the hall when the New Orleans Jazz numbers come up. (press the little arrow under the picture for a 2 second live action)
The Conference Center had a beautiful garden - must be all that Okanagan sunshine!
On the way home, Yellow Lake was buzzing with blue dragonflies.

The skies on the way home were amazing!

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