Sunday, 23 September 2012

Chihuli and the Tacoma Glass Museum

We headed down to Tacoma at the end of August for the Association of Pacific West Quilters. The Courtyard hotel is just across the street from the conference center. The photo is taken from the Courthouse, a block away.
Mt Ranier from the hotel window.

Many old factories and warehouses were here and are now 're-purposed' into condos. 
The harbor was used for commerce and is now filled with pleasure crafts.
The bridge is the old railroad bridge across the tracks. The huge turquoise installations represent ice cubes.

The ceiling on the bridge contains Chihuli art - available for people to enjoy in daylight and it is lit up at night.
The walkway on the bridge has dozens of large glass pieces that are contained within a transparent wall.
After the bridge, there is a series of wide stairs and reflecting pools with glass installations.
The Glass Museum has ever changing exhibitions of breathtaking glass pieces.

The 'Kids Design Glass' is a program for kids up to 12. They make drawings and the hot shop crew makes two pieces - one for the child and one to keep for display. The kids are able to be present and comment on the process.

I'v just shown you a few items... it is a feast for the eyes!

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