Monday, 25 June 2012

Kauai 2012, wildlife

An assortment of the critters we came across:
geckos wandered up and down buildings.
This little red cardinal was dressed to impress.
Feral cats seem to be in a stand-off with the roosters.
Strutting his stuff!
The lagoon at the hotel has many visitors
Resident parrot.
Hawaiian Goose.
Graceful swans swim above and around the many koi.

Egrets are everywhere the grubs are.
For the more exotic ...
This young monk seal takes a nap on the beach.
He only woke up when the incoming tide tickled his toes.  He squirmed  further up!
Volunteers come and watch to see that they are not disturbed.
At the Na Aina Kai Gardens ... a watchful crew ... 
Apparently albatross have their eggs on the ground in a minimal nest,  they come back to feed the chick, but  leave it on its own. 
No preditors - no worry.

The albatross patiently did their tourist duty and put up with us taking photos ... ar a respectful distance. I was using a 300 mm lens.

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