Friday, 22 June 2012

Kauai 2012, Larry Rivera

We had the good fortune to not only hear Larry Rivera and his daughters sing ... we met him. 
He is a gentle soul with a great talent. Larry is certainly a 'living legend'!
He is in his early 80's, loves to sing and it shows!
He won the Hawaii Music Awards 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Larry sang at the Coco Palms from the early 1950's. The Coco Palms hotel was destroyed in a hurricane. The garden is still maintained for weddings and Larry sings as part of the program!
Larry and his daughter Lurine sing at the Cafe Potofino in Lahui every Wednesday evening.

You can watch Larry on this link: He talks about some of the people he met, including Elvis!

His CDs are available ... great music to help you sit back and relax! Larry wrote most of the songs.

This is Charlie ... the expert fish net maker, in Larry's  song.
When Larry suggested photos, he decided that my husband's hair needed combing  as well as his own!
A favorite song is 'Aloha Begins with Me' ... we all need to look for friendship and harmony!
Larry was off to the mainland with a tour during May.

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