Friday, 23 March 2012

'Surfaces to Stitch'

We experimented with the 'Surfaces to Stitch' article in Quilting Arts - Feb/March.
Basically, you paint guesso (coloured with paint)  onto the fabric and then layer it with newsprint/small decorations/or?, top with cheesecloth and more guesso.

Here are my collages ... not yet stitched.
This one used 'clear' guesso.
The ones below use regular guesso which gives a pastel look to the colours.
This was my first ... the words beneath the cheesecloth were obscured ... so I  wrote them on a layer closer to the surface ... not my best work.
Option: rip/distress cheesecloth to let design items show through.
I found that extra guesso on the edges made a more effective attachment to the fabric.
I layered with sparkles & stamped the surface when it was dry.

The process makes interesting texture ... not sure how or where I would use it ... but it was fun!

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