Friday, 9 March 2012


I have a small group of  friends/quilters who get together to play with new techniques. the most recent is Decolourant ... it works similarly to bleach to remove colour from fabric.
We used stencils and stamps. The skill in getting a sharp line is to hold the stencil down!
What remained ranged from white to a yellow tone.
The de-colourant did not work on this fabric, instead  I used  a bleach pen by Clorox.
This stencil was detailed, but worked very well.
The stamp was carved from an eraser. 
The colour left was a lime green.
Teapot on black. A regular paint brush didn't work as well as a stencil sponge.
Batiks worked best.
With practice, you can get a clean image. 
Another method that gave a good edge was by preparing a stencil from waxed butcher paper and ironing it to the fabric..

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