Monday, 24 October 2011

Tacoma, WA

The Association of Pacific West Quilters was held in Tacoma in 2011. So, we headed south!
A little bit about the city ...
I had been to Tacoma years ago - it was an old town that was  used as a commercial port. Since then it  has had a face lift and is a bedroom community to Seattle. Towers are appearing and the old buildings are being renovated.
Mt Rainier is in the background, a new bridge and the cone of the Glass Museum  in the foreground.
The Pantages Theater is a beautiful building.

A native welcoming figure overlooks the port.
Many old buildings are up-gaded for shops and are also used by the university.
A free  trolley runs 10 blocks through the downtown area.
A jolly pirate was on his way to the Marine Festival.

Union Station is a beautifully designed building.

Details have a beauty of their own.

There is a Theater District being developed.

The Glass Bridge is a must see! it spans the old railroad yards close to  Union Station.

The ceiling of the bridge contains Chihuly glassware.
One wall of the bridge has showcases of glass pieces.
This was an interesting fountain, the water came out of the top of the tube, traveled on the outside and into the drains at the bottom.
The Glass Museum is a very modern structure with public walkways.
What was once warehouses and commercial docking now has pleasure boats and apartment buildings.
More of Chihulys art ... a fountain made of glass.
The night view was amazing!

An interesting public area was shaped like a small arena with seating  in  a crescent for people to gather. The collaborate project consisted of piles of words written of boards. You could pick out your message and place it on the rows of seats. Below is my contribution - clean water is a necessity of life!

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