Thursday, 20 October 2011

Leaf Printing

In the summer, I took a very enjoyable workshop with Hattie Hunter. 
We printed fresh leaves onto fabric. I used Jaquard fabric paints.
Cedar bush gave a delicate design and was firm to handle.
Wild fern - printed from the back where there is more texture.
Japanese maple - full prints and 'ghost' prints.
Cedar bush - purple iridescent paint on hand-dyed cotton.
A large dragonfly was found on the floor and printed.
Paint should be thick enough that it doesn't run. The green had water added to the paint.
A paintbrush is used to drag across the high spots on the leaf and will produce the veins and edges.

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Terry van der Est said...

I love your leaf painting. I saw some of those done at the Chilliwack show this weekend. They looked like something that would be fun to do.