Tuesday, 18 October 2011

FAN retreat 2011 - Naramada

The FibreArtNetwork Retreat is held annually. Our group has about 90 members and includes all  provinces & territories west of Manitoba. This year the retreat was held at the end of September in Naramada BC.
Naramada is a United Church Camp on Okanagan lake.
Initially, it was a campground with small cottages for families.
Later residences and large meeting areas were added.
This is looking to the lake, what you see from the beach.
Naramada Camp is a tranquil setting.
Thanks to Janet Armstrong and her committee for a great retreat!
Here is the whole gang ... a great time was had by all.
Those who are at the retreat use the time to manage the affairs of the association. 
This is what the camp is all about!
A labyrinth allows for meditation.
Margie organized a candlelight walk around the labyrinth.
The grounds have lots of green space.
A beautiful little chapel is located among the trees.

Ginko - an ancient tree that must be reproduced under the hand of men.
The Canadian Maple in all its glory!
Ancient trees tell of the years and the past groups who enjoyed this site! I first came in the 50's.
Roses remind us that even rain is beautiful!

An interesting tree: Basswood - in England, known as Linden.
We take time to 'show and shine'. Terry attended her first retreat.
Sara, also new to the group, showed us amazing hooked rugs ... another form of fibre art.
These pieces represent a project by Martha Cole. These large  hangings  were installed  for a choir  presentation.
 The project continues ... I'm not sure of future plans.
A quiet creek edges the camp and salmon work their way upsteam. Most are inland Kokanee and a few are Pacific Coho.

Peacocks and hens wander the roads that run through the camp.
Children's Art decorates the poles.

A nearby park has a huge granite rock with an Indian symbol reminding us that this was once a Native  village.
Interestingly, I didn't notice the large hand engraved on the huge rock until I looked at my photos.
And often, it is the small things that cause us to pause and enjoy a moment.
We have a challenge for each person attending to make an art piece relating to a theme. This year, it was 'Grape Expectations' - in honour of the Wine Festival .
 I was a little 'time challenged' ... so I took one of my photographs, played in photoshop, printed, painted and embellished with stitching!
We also exchange Artist Trading Cards. Above you see  mine ... I work in a large piece and cut apart. These are on fabric done in a leaf printing workshop. A real dragnonfly we found on the floor was also printed.


Scarlett Burroughs said...

What a fun retreat Vivian. And I love your method for creating Artist Trading Cards! I've featured this post on Craft Gossip here:

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Scarlett Burroughs
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Janet Armstrong said...

Hi Vivian,
What a great review of a wonderful retreat. The only correction I have to offer is that you walked the Labyrinth, not a maze. The way I remember the difference is that in a maze you get lost, whereas in a labyrinth you find yourself.

My Sweet Prairie said...


That looks to have been such a a fabulous opportunity! And oh do I love love rug hooking work! I've never done it but I think it's always gorgeous!!

~Monika in Saskatoon