Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ontario 2011: Ontario SW

Off we go again - to London, Ontario for the CQA/ACC National Juried Show in London Ontario.
You can see the award winning quilts here:
I was just completing 3 years as Secretary/Publicist on the Board ... and then, travelling in Ontario for two weeks.

Although our spring had been cool in BC, as we left, we had a sunny day !
Mount Baker in Washington was clear.
The nearby coastal mountains showed a patchwork of logging.
Most of the trip was cloudy.
These photos are taken on a little Fugifilm 'point and shoot ' camera.  As we lifted out of Calgary, ice crystals formed on the window.
The Great Lakes emerged from the clouds.
After the CQA/ACC conference was over, we headed east to Simcoe.
This is a railroad center that is being repaired as a historic site.

The towns have interesting houses, generally clean and well kept.
The country is dotted with small towns, many with closed factories. These little towns are struggling.  This was the center for canning and packaging of many familiar brands.
Many of the barns are over 100 years old and still functioning.
We stopped in Tillsonburg for ice cream at  an apple farm. - M and R Orchards.
Someone had a sense of humour ... the old stumps in the yard were given personality.
We enjoyed a visit with cousins on my mom's side.
Port Dover is one of many little towns on Lake Erie.  We spent a day at a great little museum.  There were  displays of shipping, disasters, black workers who came from the states in the civil war and a very knowledgeable museum staff.
This is the front of a ship that worked the Great Lakes. It came complete with a steam whistle.
The channel is now used by mostly leisure boats.
Wild flox was everywhere.
Ontario had a wet and cool spring.
From the Simcoe area, we headed north to Sauble Beach.
We drove along Lake Huron ... the water was like glass. It is a huge lake and the west winds can generate wild storms.
Great pottery ... in historic buildings.

My cousin's cabin. The community is great ... large lots with walking access to the beach.

Lovely falls - running into Lake Huron.
Foundation of a historic church.
Sauble Beach has a 'visitor pay' system. However, well worth it ... lots of beach access.
Miles of good walking beach!
Indian Paintbrush
The cutest little ball of energy!
by day ... contemplate by the water.
Beautiful patterns ... different from ocean beaches.

This photo was not at the beach, however I was amazed at the similar pattern of the lines of the tree when compared to the previous photo of the erosion lines in the sand.
And ... closer observation: a mom raccoon nursing her young.
by nightfall ... beauty in motion ... a great end to the day!

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