Thursday, 7 April 2011

Trend-Tex Challenge ' Quilting in the Forest' 2011

Trend-Tex Fabrics donates fabric each year as a fundraiser for the Canadian Quilt Association.
5 fabrics make up the kit ... the quilt maker designs a quilt based on those fabrics.
If you want to be in the running for the top Trend-Tex Challenge, you must use all five.
The remainder of the awards allow for an additional 3  fabrics to be used on the face of the quilt.
I added a yellow print sheer to the grass, copper sheer for the shadows and a green sheer over the gold for the hills.
Golden Shadows
I used 4 of the fabrics: gold, coral, green and burgundy. I did not use the lime green. Because I am on the Board, I am not able to compete for prizes ... so it doesn't matter if I don't use all 5 fabrics.
On a walk through the forest, I saw this image of the late afternoon sun reflecting on the winter grass and silhouetted trees on the hill. I find that as an artist, images burn in my mind and seek to be transformed into a lasting memory.

All wall quilts become the property of the CQA/ACC and will be displayed at the Quilt Ontario Conference in May 2011. Reserve bids can be placed. The  wallquilts will be sold by silent auction ending May 28, 2011.


GailM. said...

It's beautiful.

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Lori said...

Vivian, that is such an amazing quilt. So beautiful! Great job.