Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kaua'i - the south & western coasts

Heading west of Lihue, there is a 'Tunnel of Trees ' on the way to the south coast.
Lawai beach
The new posting system seems to put all photos in the 'landscape' position. This is the Spouting Horn where huge waves hit the lava rock shore, flow into a cave and spout up 30 feet in the air.

The road up the west side shows the iron rich red soil.
The Grand Canyon of Hawaii.
Wai'ale'ale is a  5000 ft. mountain.It gathers rain clouds and pours streams down the valleys to produce impressive water falls. The mountain has a record of 52 ft. of rainfall in a year - the wettest place on earth.

At 4000 ft. you can look out to the north west and down to the Napali Coast.
Everywhere on the island, Hibiscus grow.
This little fellow looked like our blue jays ... maybe a colourful cousin?

The ridges are rugged with eroded rock layers.
There is a museum at the top with an excellent bookstore.
Petroglyphs have been fount in the area.
More chickens & roosters! They have become the unofficial bird of Kaua'i. A hurricane in 1992 blew chicken coops apart and they now inhabit the whole island!
The view from the top.
Around a corner, a view down to a military facility.
Captain Cook landed in 1772, in the harbor of Waimea . The signs say he 'discovered' Hawaii. I think the native people discovered it first!
Ruins of a Russian Fort built 1816. It was named Fort Elizabeth after the wife of Czar Alexander I of Russia.
The rock is local, red volcanic.
Kauai'i is also the Garden Island and the Island of Rainbows.
A little town that is being developed by the residents as a tourist town.
An old theater awaits renovation.
An amazing little bookstore.
Friday night and the galleries are open. Musicians wander the street. There is a great little bakery that only serves dinner on Friday (reservations needed) and an on street barbeque.
I get the feeling that the Children of Peace reside here. It appears to be from the era of hippies and has all sorts of wonderful things for big & little kids to explore.
This cat lay in the doorway of a store ... so that all who walked by would pet him.
A beautiful sunset on Barking Sands Beach, in the NW.

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