Saturday, 4 December 2010

Vancouver Weather ...

Vancouver is often overcast with a soft rain.
On this day is was a little cool with roaming gusts of wind. The sky was beautiful!
Seagulls roamed the beach looking for snacks.

We walked along the Jericho Beach and had lunch at a balcony restaurant. You had to hold onto your lunch to keep it from blowing away. A crow fought to stay upright on the railing.

To the west the mountains had dark menacing clouds, to the north white clouds, to the east blue sky.
The city was in sunshine.
Cargo ships are waiting to go into the harbour. The sailing school was doing its last maneuvers.
The sky was active with areas of: rain, sunset, bright sky and dark shadow.
And, then the sun set behind the Vancouver Island Mountains.
You don't even have to wait 5 minutes to see a change in the weather, just look in each direction!

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