Sunday, 21 November 2010

White Tail deer ...

We have recently have had a new neighbour ... a little black dog.
A resident deer came out of the woods with a hesitant stance - notice the tail up. Both the dog and the deer looked quite amazed. They circled each other for a while to within a few feet of each other.After a couple of minutes, a second deer appeared and they circled some more.
Eventually, the brave little dog decided he would leave and headed back to the house.
A few days later, the entertainment continued ...
Life's dance took place among four deer: a young female who observed, a young female who was obviously in her first estrus, a one year old male and a two year old male.
The two year old male was reacting to the scent of the female, the younger one was just enjoying the jostling. The female wasn't really impressed. She decided she would have a nibble on my flowers.
The older male continually placed himself between the female and the other male.So ... life goes on!

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