Saturday, 9 October 2010

music in our lives ...

I grew up with my parents music of the '40s and many of those lovely songs are being revisited by some of the musicians of today like Diana Krall

A love of jazz worked its way into my brain along the way.

I grew up with the beat of Rock and Roll.

In the summer, we attended a live performance on Buddy Holly's life. The actors who sang the songs did a magnificent job.

Then, in the summer we went to the Elvis Festival in Penticton - that was a blast!
There were dozens of Elvis performers ... all passionate about the music. The gospel sing on the last day had thousands in the audience.

We also enjoyed a concert with Leon Bibb, his son Eric and his granddaughter, Yana. Leon Bibb visited Vancouver in the 1960's and was amazed to find that as a black man he was not restricted by law and was treated by others as an equal. He returned to the USA and brought his family to live in Canada.,,3576395-7761182,00.html There is something very special about three generations who have sung together for years. Leon has a deep resonant voice, Eric is a blues singer and specializes in the songs of the deep south and Leon's grand-daughter has a modern style.

The CULCH in Vancouver hosted a local singer Ron Kamlokoff.
He sings a range of beautiful songs, some he writes himself. His pitch is true and perfect. Although he chose a different vocational path as a businessman, music is his heart's journey.

Recently we attended a concert with Judy Collins in the Dream Cafe, an intimate restaurant/theatre. She is amazing, at 71 she still has the voice of an angel.
We reminded ourselves that although we have access to thousands of recordings, it is so much better to see a live performance and get insight into the artist and their music.

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