Monday, 6 September 2010

Nova Scotia, Peggy's Cove

We headed to Peggy's Cove, passing many fresh water small lakes and saltwater inlets that shelter small fishing communities.We have all seen the usual photos of the lighthouse, so I looked for a different perspective.The lighthouse is built on undulating granite rock layers.Here and there pools sparkled in the sunlight - some fresh water and closer to the tide line, salt water pools.
The surf was calm on this day, warnings were posted to stay clear of black rocks that mark the high water line and watch for 'rogue' waves'.
Although there was a variety of green slime and small plants, I did not see sea-life in the ponds.The sun bleached the rim of the green mossy growth, forming a felt like pad.
Some rocks showed streaks of red, indicating iron. My camera did a good job of focusing through the reflective surface of the water.
This plant grew in pools near the tide line.I scrambled across the rocks and around to the other side ... here the fishing village came into view. Many buildings spark memories of images on postcards ...
This building was on its way to being reclaimed. It is amazing that the cedar shingles have survived 100 years.
De Garth was an artist, who in retirement carved a huge rock to display the history of fishermen. These hearty people lived without the warnings of our modern weather reporting ... such as the satellite view of the 'eye of the storm' Hurricane Earl moving toward this area Sept. 3, 2010.


GailM. said...

Your photos of Peggys Cove are beautiful. I love that area.

Gloria said...

What beautiful, clear images! You had fantastic weather! I loved the shot of the lighthouse with the rocks and big blue sky, and the village buildings.