Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Abstract Challenge: August - Unity and September - Rhythum

As a busy person, I try to multitask.
So ... the following pieces satisfied 3 tasks:

1. Ridge Meadows Guild held a summer challenge. Your initials were used to choose three colours: violet for vivian, apple green for alice and kaiki for my last name. That made colour choice easy!

2. My Abstract Challenge Journal Quilts had UNITY as the August theme.
I decided to use smaller units of purple to make a larger shape, creating unity. Our brains prefer to see the larger shape as a unit. The green bits are scattered and even though it is a brighter colour, our eye is more pleased by the more restful purple.
3. The third task was to make ARTIST TRADING CARDS for the FibreArtNetwork retreat that will be held in Winnipeg. So ... I had fabric left over and voila!While I was putting things away, I found the fabric below. It is puff paint on a heavy upholstery fabric. The paint was swirled with a tile grout tool. The September theme for the AC Journal quilt was RHYTHM. The repeated lines give an impression of rhythm. I added a little gold paint to highlight the curves.
The diagonal lines were part of the upholstery weave.
And, I had fabric left over ... so, more ATC/s

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