Friday, 13 August 2010

More Silk Fusion

I had a few friends over to play with SILK FUSION.This sample is my favorite ... with threads captured between the layers.detail:Playing with silk is always a very sensuous experience ... the colours are saturated and the fibres soft and fine. You start with a base layer that is thicker than the layers to follow. I like to keep it wispy. However, you can make it heavier like a felt.Basically, you place a screen on the table and layer the screen with silk fibres several times, in crossing directions. When you have a design you like, you place another screen on top. The next step is to wet the project with warm water mixed with a few drops of soap and brush to wet right through. Blot the excess. The final step is to brush textile medium into the project and use a brayer to squeeze out the excess. The project is hung until dry and then peeled apart.This one has some sparkle bits and beads held by wisps of silk fibres. The adhesive is essentially a glue that holds it all together.You can find the fibres on the Treenaway Silk website.
Also look for the detailed directions.:
You can even order a DVD ... have fun!

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