Monday, 26 July 2010

TAST # 19,20,21,22

Two days ago, I was 7 stitches behind on the Take-a-Stitch Tuesday. Today, I am up to date!
TAST #19 Up & Down Feather Stitch: the green thread. also detached chain for flowers.TAST #20 Button Hole Wheel Cup : Two Button Hole Wheels - small central pink (with beads), surrounded by large purple. The cup portion is a buttonhole stitch around the edge of the bh wheel. This gives a 3 dimension look.TAST #21 Slipped Detached Chain: pink flower buds. Green is 'hairy' yarn in a up & down feather stitch.TAST #22 Triple Chain: consists of three chain stitches. Delicate thread and ribbon example.


Anonymous said...

You are very quick off the mark with today's done as well!! Love the Buttonhole cup example.

shirley said...

The colours you have used are lovely and I like the ribbon sampe.

Raphaela said...

Your stitching is beautiful. Love your abstract challenges too.