Saturday, 6 February 2010

Another favorite walk ... the Pitt Meadows dikes

Our winter occurred at the end of November and lasted three days.These are the Golden Ears Mountains, dusted with snow. With the Olympics a week away, snow level is about 1500 ft. Whistler Mountain is excellent - that is where most racing events are held. Our local Cypress mountain hosts the Snowboarding events and is struggling. They are trucking snow in.We are walking on dikes in an ancient flood area that is now laced by the Alouette Rivers and framed by the Coastal Mountains. A little autumn colour survives! Red stems on some of the bushes add a touch of colour.We don't have a lot of willows, but here are the first pussy willows.It is afternoon nap time for the ducks.
This lady struts her stuff. An enterprising farmer has a 'chicken candy' dispenser where big and little kids can get a handful of corn to feed the plump hens. This area is protective for wildlife. Dogs are welcome on leash. This little Yorky was as 'cute as a button'. Huge cottonwood trees dot the landscape, some with herons nests. As we look south, Mount Baker sits on the horizon. Hope you enjoyed your walk!


Shirley said...

We took that walk when we lived in Vancouver!
It was lovely - I imagine your blossoms are starting to show. It amazed me the first year we lived there after living in Alberta - that February bloomed with gorgeous blossoms. We are still in winter and it
is -14C right now. I love your blog and your pictures Vivien. Shirley

Florence said...

Yes, I enjoy the walk !!! Thanks !