Friday, 15 January 2010

quilt history ...

This little phone book from 1928 held a surprise. It was a scrapbook with quilt patterns glued on the inside pages. It had belonged to my grandmother and was found amongst my dad's things.Some patterns were common, like grandmother's garden. Some I had never seen ... They were not afraid of curved piecing. I suspect the method would be hand piecing.
The smallest bits of fabric are utilized.
I found this one interesting. I've included the written portion below. The patterns could be ordered ... but, my grandmother used to draw them onto cardboard for templates.
I had two of her quilts when I was growing up. One was white (sugar sacks) with a blue flowered fabric in a star and the batting was cotton. The second was made from men's suiting samples in 8" squares. The batting was wool - they had sheep. The backing was flower sacks that she had dyed a deep grey. That blanket was the warmest!I don't recall this one ...I saw this one in a book recently.
Two interesting ads: one is for bullet proof glass. The other is for medical supplies, including pro-phy-lac-tics, hair dryers and vibrators!On a lighter note ...advertisements on the back of some patterns that hadn't been glued in.

The little book took me back in time ... when my grandmother was a young woman with four children!

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Gloria said...

What a treasure! It must have been like finding a pot of gold! thanks for the look back in time!