Sunday, 6 December 2009

Trip 09 Oct/Nov to Edmonton & Canmore

We left Vancouver in sunshine ...with layers of clouds.The trip was mostly cloud with some peaks showing. As we neared Edmonton, the land flattened out. The next morning, we drove down to Canmore via Cochrane.
The mountains never fail to amaze.
The evening sky glowed.
This little critter was busy gathering nuts.
The town of Canmore was named after Malcome Canmore III who reigned Scotland from 1058 to 1093 AD. The Gaelic name Ceannmore means 'big head', hence this art piece by Alan Henderson.Come walk with us along Policeman's Creek. The original Canadian Mounties cabin.Interesting texture.
Policeman's Creek has little water this year.The beavers were busy along the dry river bed. Trees are taken down to make winter food available. Magpies can never resist checking you out.
The early fall was dry. We woke up to about eight inches of snow. It wasn't below freezing in the day and the snow started to melt.The mountains gain a sense of mystery with the fog & frost...
After a busy week, we hopped a plane home ... mountains rose above the clouds. Home again! Farmland stretches out ... still green.Home to the golden trees and warm autumn breezes of the West coast!


Florence said...

Another magnificent journey!!!
thanks !

Sunflower Design said...

Nice pictures Vivian!