Sunday, 20 December 2009

Father Christmas & Snow Lady

I made these about 15 years ago ... my old country Father Christmas ...
and my snow lady ... Today, we can purchase Christmas figures at half the price of what it costs for the materials to make them. But ... when I look at the ones in the store, made on the other side of the world ... I wonder what the workers are thinking. People living in poverty and working for pennies to feed their families. They probably don't understand the concept of Christmas, have never seen snow and wonder at a culture that can afford luxuries.

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Quilter said...

I agree Vivian. Workers across the ocean who make these now are the poor of the 3rd world. I support making our own Father Christmas'. You have some lovely pieces here, I enjoy doll making, wish I knew more about it?
Really enjoying your blog, I'm learning a lot. Part of my issue is the time on my satelite server to load photo's. i barely do it for my Etsy store.