Monday, 16 November 2009

trip 09 S Ontario - Georgian Bay & Collingwood

The Georgian Bay is a  part of Lake Huron.

The rock formations are interesting, much of Ontario is a part of the Canadian Shield with some of the oldest rock formations in Canada. Layers of stone cracked to form blocks with smooth surfaces. Further reading indicated it might be a lava flow that came from a split in the earth's crust and spread, cooling and cracking. I had seen these incorporated in an old barn foundation and wondered where they came from.Craigleith train station is a museum. It is close to Blue Mountain Ski area. As a west coast person, I can't call it a mountain. Collingwood Harbour was a major shipping port in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of the shipping traffic from the west ported in Collingwood where cargo was loaded onto trains and transported to Toronto. It was also a major site for manufacturing of ships up until the late 20th century. Since the demise of the shipping industry in Collingwood, the harbour has been turned into a great park and the original grain elevators are still standing.
The historical building below is the town hall. We had been told that it had been a post office. Apparently, it had also had a market area and opera house, with no mention of a post office.!

A huge curved glass ceiling lets light into the main area. This is one part of six. The architecture is complex and a landmark. Sculpture and murals tell the history. I grew up in Toronto in the 1940's where horses pulled ice wagons that delivered for ice boxes. In the summer, we would get ice chips from the wagon.The main street is a series of buildings built in the early 19 century. Tourism is a very important industry. It has lead to an influx of retired Torontonians and the building of condominiums.
The port functioned to ship farm products and receive goods. It became important as an industrial area for manufacture.An inland gull keeps watch.Large ships travel the Great Lakes through a systems of locks. When I moved to Vancouver as a child, I couldn't convince the teacher of the size of the boats on the lake. I wrote my uncle to send photos. Mural below shows a ship being lanched (correction - see comment below). I had mistaken it for a ship in a stormy sea :(

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