Saturday, 21 November 2009

09 Ontario ... heading to Toronto

As we left Vancouver, we had a spectacular view of Mount Baker in Washington State ... a volcano in the distant past. The view east was broken clouds most of the way. We were treated to a rainbow at 40,000 ft.
As we neared Toronto, the sky glowed.
When we landed I took some interesting photos of the lights. Considering how fast a camera shutter is, the photo shows the vibration as you hit the tarmac.In the morning we headed north, dark skies opened up and we had a pleasant trip.
The autumn colour was just starting to show ...The silhouette of elm trees was once common. Fifty years ago, the elm tree disease wiped out most trees. However, they are developing resistant strains.There are still a few of the old rail fences with wild flowers scattered in the meadows.There are lots of artist's studio to visit, with tidy gardens and fascinating fungi growing on the trees. Oh, and they had wonderful pottery as well - but it is too heavy to take home on the plane.We paused in Forest Grove and admired their buildings.
On the shore of the Georgian Bay, we walked along the channel.
It was a little windy!Each of the towns we were to visit were 'visitor friendly'. The main streets were celebrated as the 'old town'. A few days later, we visited the Tom Thompson Gallery. It is small, but has an interesting collection of small paintings that were donated by his siblings.
From Owen Sound, we headed east to Meaford, also on the bay and had a lovely dinner.


Elli Davis said...

Hello there Vivian,

You've got some beautiful photos here. Do you have a flickr account I wonder?


margaret said...

Love those sky pictures!