Thursday, 19 November 2009

09 Ontario ... Beaver River

The Beaver River in southern Ontario flows from the Niagara Escarpment to empty into Nottawasaga Bay, an inlet of Georgian Gay, at Thornbury, Ontario. The Beaver Valley is a deep wedge on the western side of the escarpment, formed by a much larger ancestor of this river. In 1853, the Eugenia Falls and 'Gold' were discovered by Brownlee . Hundreds of farmers rushed to make their fortune, only to find that it was pyrite known as 'fools gold' :(The river is a moderate size and at Eugenia Falls it falls into a deep gorge. Thousands of years of erosion reveal a section of the escarpment that stretches across Ontario from Niagara. A 'fall' of roots over the cliff.World War I soldiers are honoured by a statue. The Bruce Trail is a hiking trail that laces across the Grey County.
This looks like the everglades. This little fellow was about an inch long. Still a few wildflowers!
Some fall colour!
This is a type of rock that can be separated into slabs, hence the name of an area as 'Slabtown'. With a polarized lens, you see through the reflection of the waterwithout the Polaroid lens: View from the hill overlooking Georgian Bay ... Interesting perspective - road and electrical wires,like a ribbon, it runs ....Link giving information and map showing extent of escarpment:

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