Sunday, 6 September 2009

Trip to Alberta & Saskatchewan - Part 3 Saskatoon

The Canadian Quilt Association/ACC, National Juried Show for 2009 was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
We stayed in a hotel on the Saskatchewan River. The date was the end of May and the trees where just becoming green. When I could get a few minutes out in the sunshine I walked under this arch. Saskatoon if often called the 'City of Bridges'. Several magnificent churches are in a row, facing the river.This playful statue shows incredible movement.A little bit of Canadian History ...A famous old hotel, the Bessborough.One of my best memories of Saskatoon is the Pelicans who gather by the weir on the South Saskatchewan River. These are mostly young males. They grow a horn on their beak that falls off after mating season. They spent much of their time gobbling the 'fast food'. The fish are dazed by the churning water and are easy prey.This one was on tourist duty, posing on the shore. The American White Pelican is one of the largest birds on the continent. They are between 7 and 10 kg with a 3 meter wingspan.I didn't get much time to explore the city. My husband visited the University of Saskatchewan with it's beautiful brownstone buildings. One building had a series of small figures along the roof line ... each telling a story. And, always are the flowers ... Outside the Ukrainian Museum, the Pasque flower blooms.Cropping a photo often reveals a visitor ...We were very impressed with the city of Saskatoon and the friendly residents. The river winds through and you can walk the park lands on both sides.

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