Monday, 27 July 2009

Trip: Alberta & Saskatchewan Part 5 Grandfather's Homestead Farm

Canada wanted to populate the prairies, so they advertised in Europe that 160 acres could be obtained free! The northern Saskatchewan land was divided into homesteads, land grants to the CPR and Hudson's Bay Company. Land was also set aside for towns and schools.Tony's grandfather had a niece who married and had several children, one of whom was Mary. She was able to lead us to the actual farm that my husband's grandfather had homesteaded. With Mary's son Ambrose, my husband was able to walk the land!There are ponds throughout the farms in the northern area of Saskatchewan. During the 'Dust bowl' problems of the 1930's, this area did not suffer from water shortage as badly as southern Saskatchewan.Playing with colour in an enlargement of a seed pod ... with it's thousands of seeds.Beavers do their work here!You have to love the new cameras with multiple shots ...Mary's family knew the farmers in the area. These buildings were operational - probably into the 1960's. The fields are still farmed. This little shed is one step from caving in. The walls of this barn collapsed slowly to leave the roof intact.Two years ago, my husband had no idea that his grandfather had homesteaded in Saskatchewan!


Vivien said...

It's wonderful that you were able to find out so much about your family history. So glad you have pictures, too; it's beautiful land. It's so important to keep a record of "where we come from".

Kay Moore said...

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photos and reading the historical accounts of your family and the other settlers. Your blog is great!

One Simple Tech said...

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Jeanette P said...

Loved your pictures! Where abouts in Saskatchewan? I'm originally from there so am interested in the location. Thanks for sharing.
Jeanette in Ontario

Fabric Mom said...

All of your photos are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

jkehler said...

My maternal family first started out in Saskatchewan as well. You have done a very nice job on all the photos. My favourites were the ones of Canmore - you really did a wonderful job and now I'm homesick! LOL