Friday, 19 June 2009

Las Vegas ... sunny days in April

On an average day, 400 planes come in and 400 leave.
The 'City Center' is being built ... worth billions. Gambling pays, but not to the player! These incredible buildings are powered by money left in Vegas.
The Paris hotel includes a scale model of the Eiffel Tower and has one of the most colorful displays.
At the Bellagio Hotel, a block long fountain dances to the music ... a highlight on a beautiful warm evening.
Gardens of tulips glow in the artificially lit dome.
A Japanese tea house and large rocks are surrounded with meticulous sand designs.
This is a glass globe with water spilling from the top and tulips reflecting.
A statue sleeps in peace.
A ladybug is made from carnations.
In the huge dome, a large hanging butterfly is a hint of what is to come. A potting shed contains a butterfly display.
The area is humidity and heat controlled with lots of vegetation.

Design is where you find it! This is a mosaic floor with shadows.
The Venetian Hotel is Italian style and one of the most beautiful hotels. We went to see the 'Phantom of the Opera'. It was a wonderful performance in a small theatre.

The Red Rock Casino had some interesting fountains - one with fire.

New York skyline includes a roller-coaster that snakes inside and out.
The MGM lion is now a senior and sleeps his day away ... with an attendant watching to see that no one disturbs him.
Photos are taken with a little FugiFilm camera and no flash.

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