Sunday, 22 March 2009

S.Ontario: Simcoe and Port Dover

The small towns have many of these typical Ontario brick homes. Solidly built, they can be upgraded without changing the look or function. Impressive churches abound.
Small town mainstreets still have buildings that are pre 1900.
March trees are dramatic forms against blue sky!
We headed out of Toronto to Simcoe to visit my cousins on my mom's side. 'Shadow' kept watch.We had a wonderful dinner and a great evening! The three guys are my mom's brother's boys. We are: Alan, Neeltie, Lillian, me, Gerry and Ron. The next morning, we headed down to Port Dover.
This sculpture commemorates the fishermen who have lost their lives on the lakes.
Ice lined the shores of Lake Erie.
We had the best apple fritters I've ever tasted. Look for them on the waterfront road.
The side-by-side machines amused me. For humans, they provide junk food. For the fish, they provide protein rich foods.

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