Monday, 23 March 2009

S Ontario Windsor

Our friends Pierre and Bonnie recently moved to Windsor from BC. It was great seeing them again ... proving that distance is only relative! We walked along the Detroit River, dividing Windsor and Detroit and connecting Lake Erie with Lake St. Clair. Furthur north is Lake Huron. The impressive building complex belongs to General Motors. I wonder where their profits went?Scattered along the Great Western Shoreline Park are wonderful sculptures.
A train made of chicken wire reminds us of the past.
A bather suns herself ... at -5 degrees.
Horses, heads only, race along the shore.
My husband and I contemplate the old puzzle of which came first ... Windsor's sister city of Lublin, Poland presented this fountain.And as always in parks, a bench is there for you to sit and contemplate. A secret is frozen forever in bronze.
A life-size mom trots along with her little ones.
At the end of our walk was the Ambassator Bridge to Detroit - the bridge I travelled over when I was 9 years old and our family moved to British Columbia. It was the highest bridge I had ever been on!

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