Friday, 6 February 2009

Burnaby Mountain ...

We have so many wonderful places to go for a walk. Burnaby Mountain is about 1000 ft. high, on the border of Vancouver and Burnaby. Simon Fraser University is 'on the mount'.
View #1 looking west over the city. View #2 looking north up Indian Arm. View #3 looking east to Port Moody, at the head of Burrard Inslet.

The cliff drops to a highway below. Fence Art - with the North Vancouver Mountains in the background.
On the hill, two cranes dance. An amazing statue, designed with live plants. In the winter the grasses shape the animals and blow in the wind ... I shall return in the summer.We have Sandhill cranes in BC ... not many ... we are using up their environment. One morning we had one land in our yard. I scampered out in my p.j.s with camera in hand.

Overlooking the North shore Mountains, the Playground of the Anui Gods stands. According to Japanese legend, the gods come down to earth and take the shape of animals. The poles are the 'common folk'.
This display is a gift form Kushiro, Burnaby's sister city.

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