Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A new beginning ... Obama's Inaugaration

Washington Capital44th President of the United States: Barrak Obama ...The first black man to take this powerful position, a young man with great intelligence, humility and empathy. He faces an incredible challenge.
The people came to witness:In the last century, wounds were painful and healing is now in process.The crowd spontaneously broke into song. Senator Obama becomes President of the United States. An eloquent and inspiring speaker, he spoke of: our need to 'pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off' for this new age ... the ground has shifted ... a nation of people whose spirit cannot be broken ... America is a patchwork, parts of a whole ... we are judged on what we can build, not what we can destroy ... the world has changed and we must change with it ... fallen heroes whisper through the ages of a 'spirit' ... nothing is so satisfying as giving of ourselves ... this is the true meaning of freedom ... mark this day: where we are and how far we have travelled ... we need to carry forth the great gift of freedom and we need to deliver it to the next generation.

For the swearing in, the Lincoln Inaugural Bible was used.
Senator Joseph Biden is sworn in as Vice President. Arethra Franklin sang.Some controversy accompanied a right-wing minister who spoke: Dr. Rick warren. Among other things, he implored God to forgive us when we make mistakes.A second prayer was from a civil rights worker: Rev. Joseph Lowery. He addressed a god 'of our weary years and silent tears'. He spoke of the community of nations and inclusion. 'Yes, we can!'

The Presidential Poet is Dr. Elizabeth Alexander. Her poem spoke of 'with noise all around us ... one person tries to make music. We walk into that which we cannot see. Love ... is the mightiest word ... a widening pool of light ... we walk forward into that light.'

Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Anthony McGill played.
Faces are both jubilant and shed tears. Eyes were closed as memories flowed in of 'what was' ... a dark time for many. This shift has happened in a relatively short historic time. There are still battles to fight before the war is won. The important point is that there is movement.Young children watched ... knowing that they are in an important place and time. We are reminded that Obama's father came from Kenya - where the country paused to watch with pride.
The family is the center - the country is the circle within we live - the planet is our life.
A young daughter gives her father a 'thumbs up'.

Just as we in Canada watched this event, people all over the world watched and thought about how this change will affect us. Obama brings a new hope to people of all races and situations who have been marginalized. Obama promises a new focus will be on social programs such as medical care and education. In tough financial times ... a new energy is described ... "Yes, we can".

Technology is amazing. We watch on TV and see on our computers as history unfolds.
The photos are from a photo stream on Yahoo.

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