Sunday, 28 December 2008

Studio I ... in the beginning

Come in and visit my studio ... as it was before July 6, 2008. It is a great space - large and well lit with a courtyard garden outside the door.Scampy lived in the studio and 'snoopervised' my work.As most studios are, it was a collection of furniture gleaned from other parts of the house. You can see the entrance to the little kitchen on the right. It was a wonderful place to think and create, with all my supplies and equipment at hand.My design wall has a 'quilt at stage one'. My photos of blue herons are displayed and the process has begun.In the background you can see a vertical design wall with a sheet. I begin with a drawing on the sheet, add a foundation layer and fill in parts of the design - checking with the underlying design to make sure I'm on track. I now have a Juki on a B Line frame making the quilting of large pieces much easier. The 'Eagle Sanctuary' quilt is being worked on.
Stay tuned for the remaining parts of this story ....

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