Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Sad news ...

My mom passed away Dec. 3, 2008. After my dad died in April, she missed him terribly. Yellow roses were my mother's favorite, this yellow rose bloomed in my garden the day she died. It is a minature rose and the only one with even a bud. My mom is on the left in the photo. Her mother had died and the father raised the children on his own and managed a farm. Times were tough! My mom learned to cook from her father and took over preparation of meals and running of the house around age 10. The other children helped on the farm. Mom and dad were married in 1938!
As a gift on their 50th wedding anniversary, dad painted this watercolour of the St.Georges Anglcan Church in Clarksburg, Ontario ... the church where they were married.This was their 60th wedding anniversary. They made it to 70 years of marriage!Mom was known for her knitting, crochet and smocking. Our clothes were often hand made and much admired. These knitted Christmas stockings were given to all of the children of two generations. My mom & dad were the backbone of the neighborhoods they lived in. Always kind, generous and helpful ... they will be missed by many!

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

I'm so sorry. I remember your posting about your Father's death and now your Mother. Such a sad year for you. May 2009 be full of happiness for you.
Take care.