Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Eagle Sanctuary

Eagle Sanctuary was accepted into the APNQ show in Seattle in August 2008. It was previously shown in the show 'Beyond the Border' at the La Conner Quilt Museum in Washington State, USA. 'Eagle Sanctuary' had its start with a hike along the Squamish River Jan. 07, in bitterly cold temperatures. My photos are from the dyke where you can see 100's of eagles. Brakendale is the location of a wintering feast where Bald Eagles congregate from Alaska, Oregon and BC. You can check out the January Festival at
The Fraser Valley November Festival has a great video of eagles

The original design is a collage from about 100 photos. Eagles are very social and stay in family groups ... squabbling just like any other family. Here is mom (white head) with two youngsters (brown feathers). She was allowing the smaller bird to feed on her fish, but wouldn't allow the larger and older bird to eat.He appealed to dad on a nearby stump. Dad played it smart and didn't interfere with mom's decision. There were favorite fishing spots with limited time allowance. As shown in the quilt, the eagle who catches the fish is not necessarily the eagle who eats the fish.The best time for viewing is the middle of December through to the beginning of February. There are pontoon raft trips down the river ... for a close view of this amazing bird.


verobirdie said...

beautiful quilt and interesting information about eagles. Weaning babies is always hard, be they pet birds or wild eagles :-) (I saw the same story with my cockatiels).

Margaret said...

The eagle photos are fantastic. What an amazing piece of art you created! Congratulations!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Beautiful quilt and beautiful eagles.
I've been thinking of taking the plunge and try quilting. Any good hints or tips.

Cher in BC said...

Wow, What a gorgeous quilt. Congratulations on such a great piece of work.