Wednesday, 27 August 2008

awesome ...

When life seems too complicated, it all makes sense when I look out my window and see ...We have a bumper crop of fawns this year: one set of twins, one of triplets and one mom with one baby. They bound through my garden and look at us curiously with those big brown eyes.

And, then there is the reality check when we look out and see a young coyote drying himself in the sunshine. Life has its checks and balances.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

How lucky you are to see the deer outside your window. You are right Nature has a way of balancing things.

Old Boar said...

Very productive year for Coast Blacktail Deer. Does must have been very healthy last fall.

Your coyote is totally unafraid and, depending on the size of the family group, he (and they) will do a good job of dealing with rodent pests. Likely get a small, unwary pet or two as well.

You enjoy a wonderful interface between suburbia and the wilds.