Sunday, 30 March 2008

Looking for the 'small things' ...

A new road pushes through the farmland. Man makes tracks with huge machines. They have their own beauty in the details.

.. in the ditches along the road, moss appears amongst the paper dry leaves.
Spring brings a beautiful swamp flower called 'skunk cabbage' ... you can guess that the fragrance is pungent! We need a balance ... man creates and mother nature moves back in.


Margaret said...

Great photos! You definitely have an eye for texture--no wonder you're a fiber artist! I never could understand why skunk cabbage was thought to have such a terrible smell. It's not even comprable to a skunk at all!
Have a great week,

NuvoFelt said...

Lots of inspiration here. Love those tyre tracks

juanita sim said...

Your Spring photos really capture the essence of this time of year; bits of lush lime green peeking out everywhere from under the old dead stuff left by last year.