Thursday, 31 January 2008

I've been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Margaret at
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So … here are 7 things about me …
1. My favorite flower? White & purple iris, fragrant roses, crocus in the springtime, wild flowers on the hillside … I don’t think there is a flower that I don’t like. I find flowers and their insect companions to be a fascinating symbiosis!
2. A favorite food? Salmon … Barbequed Wild Pacific Salmon, with friends on a warm summer night.
3. Favorite dessert? Anything made with dark chocolate -Chocolate covered strawberries.
4. I love to walk in the woods, along a beach … this week we walked along the edge of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada and then back across the lake. It was frozen to a depth of 5 feet and the temperature was -15 degrees C. Sculptors were carving ice.
5. Beautiful sunsets take my breath away! I don’t get up in time for sunrise.
6. At an earlier time, I did water colours and I want to do them again.
7. I’ve had cats all my life … it seems strange when I’m sitting in my favorite chair and I don’t have a cat in my lap.

I’ve tagged the following, they are a few of my favorite blogs and you will notice an international flavour! from spain look for translation bar on right
look for translation under dutch comments
a new blog from France ... interesting work lots of 'eye candy' journal quilts & fabric books from the Netherlands - very creative!
Our famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police were on hand to talk to tourists at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The castle was one of the displays made from ice.


Margeeth said...

Hi Vivian,
Thanks for tagging me.

Maria del Valle said...

Hi dear Vivian!!!!

Thank you very much for your distinction Vivian and also for the links of other blog to help me open my mind to other possibilities in art.
All his work is spectacular for me!
My husband Miguel also makes reaching his admiration for your work and enjoy the beautiful photograph which both makes us dream in this idyllic place.
An embrace of both partners. We will visit each of the blogs that leaves us on their list, because we know your good taste.
A hug

Margaret said...

Hi Vivian! I took one look at your picture and thought to myself: wow, that looks like the ice castle at Lake Louise! It's been really cold there this week. Anyway, I also love walking across the lake--it feels so weird to me still, since in the summer it's filled with people in canoes. How funny that salmon is your favourite food ;). I am totally with you on sunsets, though. Much prettier than sunrises and not have as much work to be awake for them!

Waltraud said...

Thanks for the lovely words and for tagging me!. Love your wonderful pictures!