Sunday, 2 December 2007

TAST # 42 to # 49

TAST 42 Twisted Satin Stitch: green - with beads, yellow is 'in line' with 'fill in' at bottom. Flower is 8 stitches in navy & 8 in coloured ribbon. This stitch = more texture than regular satin stitch. TAST 43 The Drizzle Stitch, a cast-on stitch that extends up at one end, producing a 3D texture. TAST 44 Knotted Spanish Stitch: veriegated thread and coloured ribbon.
TAST 45 Pekinese Stitch: two lines of backstitch laced with blue metallic thread.TAST 46 Chain Braid. A little difficult to get the stitch, but easy to do once you 'get the hang of it'. I tried thread, yarn and coloured ribbon.

TAST 47 Thorn Stitch. The branches are thorn stitches and more thorn stitches are added to the main branches. In th spirit of Christmas, I added beads for decoration.
TAST 48 Knotted Cable Chain. It starts with a twisted chain, adds a knot & a chain stitch. The red line is practice twisted chain. TAST 49 Pistil Stitch, a straight stitch with a small french knot on the end. There are additional french knots. Lavendar is detached chain and greenery is thorn stitch.If you are interested in hand embroidery ... think about joining the 2008 challenge! Take-a-Stitch Tuesday Embroidery Challenge 2007 is almost done. We have been doing a weekly sample since January. I've learned patience along with the stitches! For 2008, the challenge will be 'TAKE-IT-FURTHER'


Alarttex said...

As you can see Vivian, I like your blog and see what you do because I really enjoy. A kiss

Maria del Valle

matilda said...

che meraviglia il tuo blog. l'ho inserito nei miei peferiti da tanto, ed ogni volta è speciale guardarlo.
ciao matilda

that wonder yours blog. I have inserted it in my preferred a long time ago, and every time is special to watch it.
hallo matilda
excuse for my ugly English

Thelma said...

Your stitches are beautiful. You have kept up with TAST wonderfully, you always show interesting stitching with each stitch presented. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Take it Furthur Challenge.

Liz said...

Your stitches are lovely. I especially like the way you combined with the pistil stitch to make a flower. That is why we are doing the challenge, right? I'm looking forward to seeing your future postings.

La Manosa said...

The butterfly is absolutely beautiful! It's great seeing what you are doing with TAST.

I wish I had discovered it sooner so that I could have kept up with everyone but I'm glad I can still try out the stitches. Looking at your work is definitely inspiring me.