Monday, 12 November 2007

Abstract Challenge: theme journal quilts

October theme: Translation
I used the concept of the 'Language of Colour'. With black and white it is like a foreign language that we understand a little. With colour, it fills in the more suble information and we are able to understand the whole concept.
The coloured version shows the texture and colour of the bark.

November theme: RAIN
This is an easy image for someone living in a virtual rain forest.
I was sorting 'stuff' and came across a project done in a class called 'Paper is Fibre too!'
Method: the center was celephane with oil pastel stripes ... I used a heat gun and it shrunk & melted. Then I mounted it and added a few threads & beads. It reminds me of looking through a window pane with rain beating against it and blurring your view.

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Fiona said...

wow! I love black and white and the bark looks good too!