Tuesday, 23 October 2007

October trip to Kamloops & Vernon

Come walk with us along the Adams River ... shuffle through the carpet of leaves.

The trees are golden.

The forest is worn by the winds and rain.
This is a one lane bridge over the main salmon watching area.

The fish fight upstream to lay their eggs and then die.

The remains of the salmon feed bears, eagles and many other animals. Here several salmon pause to rest before challenging the next rapids.

The salmon turn bright red and the males become green at the head.
Small critters are citizens of the forest.

Grasses grow in the cracks of the rocky cliffs.

The rough textures of bark are nature's abstract.

The dampness encourages fungi and mushrooms, with great variation in colour and shapes.
The forest has the musty smell of leaves that lie on the forest floor.

Where large trees have fallen, deciduous trees show their autumn colours.
A mixture of trees climb the dry hills.

After two wonderful days visiting friends in Kamloops, this photo was taken during the trip to Vernon ... Autumn gold!

We spent two days in Vernon, but they were work days and we didn't take photos.


heidi said...

Vivian you are a great photographer.
This are wonderful pictures again.
Thanks for sharing,

Old Boar said...

Marvelous Fall colours! Your artist's eye produces wonderful photos. Fall is my favorite time of the year to be out and about. Off to the land of aspens tomorrow to seek the elusive Mule Deer!