Friday, 9 March 2007

TAST #9 Cross Stitch - freestyle

I made a little teddy bear with the basic cross stitch years ago ... but, he is hiding somewhere in a drawer.

This is my freestyle sample. I did plain cross stitches, laced through them, couched threads on, did multiple X's, weaving them into the previous stitches.

Materials: woven ribbon, wool and fancy yarns. Backing: plastic canvas. This was hard to cover, but did keep the project very flat with no puckering.


Kay Moore said...

Hi Vivian! Great blog! You keep your's updated better than I do. I love your free style embroidery work! I've been including a little in my work for the last year but I keep it very simple since I don't really know how to embroidery

Margaret S said...

this is such a vibrant sample so free and lively and shows how easily this stitch can fill spaces when the right thread is used.

sandra wyman said...

Hi Vivian - love this blog: freestyle embroidery work is terrific - I especially love this cross-stitch piece - amazing texture and colour: I never thought cross-stitch could look like this! Sandra Wyman

Alarttex said...

Hi Vivian!

Your freestyle is especially beauty. I like so much your blog. There is a link in my blog.

Maria del Valle