Tuesday, 20 March 2007

TAST #12 Couching

I made this in a workshop called 'Paper is Fibre, Too' with Pam Godderis.
We were to make a design combining paper and fabric using the stamp as a starting point.

I layered the papers and pasted ... then realized I didn't include any fabric. So, I couched a red silk yarn with a gold thread.

In previous posts I also couched with: chain stitch, cross stitch and fly stitch.

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Peticelul Romanesc said...

Vivian, I just saw you pay a visit on our blog, "peticelul romanesc". I am part of this group, and we will have a swap with textile cards in September, during the first quilt exhibition of our group, in Romania. I think a lot of my friends are interested in changing cards, I am, so I will ask them. I like your nice card, the combination of paper with material fascinate me! On my personal blog you can see my album with textile cards, you just have to pick one and it´s yours!