Thursday, 22 February 2007

Canadian Quilt Association - Article on La Conner Quilt Museum

For members of the Canadian Quilter's Association ... take a look at The Canadian Quilter magazine for Spring 2007. The La Conner Quilt Museum article is written by me! I have arranged for two Canadian quilt shows at the museum: Transitions by West Coast Fibre Artists, Jan. 11 to March 11 and Beyond the Boarder by the Pacific Group of FAN, July 15 to Sept. 15.
The museum is found at: The restored mansion is located in the NorthWest corner of Washington, in a charming little town named La Conner. They are currently involved in fundraising for repairs. The museum has qualified for a grant ... but needs to match the money to actually get the grant.
The West Coast Fiber Artists made 10 Fibre Art Postcards each and donated them to the museum. For $30.00, you can purchase one! Methods vary: piecing, painting, applique, machine and/or hand quilted. Designs are abstract, landsapes, and traditional. I did little crazy quilts. (see photo)

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