Saturday, 17 February 2007

Abstract Challenge 02/07 PAIN

I painted this image with permanent inks.
It represents an image of migraine headache pain: intense colours with blurred, curved edges and motion. The term 'blinding headache' comes to mind with what is called the classic migraine headache. It puts pressure on the optic nerve and you see straight lines as curvy moving lines.

I find that all senses are hightened: touch becomes painful, taste & smell are overwhelming, sounds hurt and light is like a knife in your eyes.

Over the years I've learned to recognize the early signs and lessen the impact. Skipping meals and bright lights are my triggers. Thank goodness, I don't get as many now!
The image below is with embroidery and beads. The lines indicate the feeling of pressure on all sides. The beads are the 'sparklers' that you see.

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Purple Missus said...

This piece alone is amazing, but given what you have portrayed makes it brilliant, especially to fellow sufferers. Like you, I can recognise the symptoms a lot earlier which helps to prevent or lessen them. Someone laughed the other day when I said I had one coming, when asked how I knew I said 'I can taste it'.Luckily it was a small one and only lasted the next day. People who just get 'ordinary' headaches do not understand migraine at all. Well done Vivian.